We’re an exciting Micro Brewery creating no nonsense, truth telling batch-made Craft Beers & Ales in sunny Northampton.
Our Brewhouse is self built and took 12 months to build and install. Following a few cleaning brews and painstaking refinements, we brewed our very first Lucky IPA late in 2014.

On this state of the art Brewhouse we strive to create new, bold and boundary-pushing beers focusing on quality and drinkability. Whether developing new styles, refashioning established ones, each beer is hand-crafted with the same level of care, attention and respect.
All of these carefully crafted beers are brewed with only the finest natural ingredients and packaged alive, in both bottle and keg.

We don’t filter, fine or centrifuge our beer, instead we give it time at the optimum temperature to do this for us. Time and temperature do the job just fine!

Whilst we do not claim to have invented beer, our dedicated cause is to brew beer that you like to drink and we like to brew. A truly perfect combination.

Before you you ask, yes our beer is vegan friendly too!

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